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Author Topic: Graham flour vs wholewheat flour  (Read 3497 times)

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Graham flour vs wholewheat flour
« on: March 13, 2011, 01:38:06 PM »
I wonder if any of the North American bakers would mind explaining the difference to me between Graham flour and wholewheat flour as they experience it? I bought a bag of graham flour in Ikea the other week and I'm not quite sure what it is best used for.

 We don't have it here usually in the UK.  From what I read it is flour made by grinding the white part of the grain finely and then adding back in the bran which is ground more coarsely. So is your wholewheat is all ground to the same fineness?  In England the wholemeal flour I usually buy has distinct particles of bran in it and feels quite coarse to the touch.  I can buy Maida flour which is a very finely ground wholewheat flour which is used for chapattis and paratha...  maybe I should use that for these parathas?   :hmm:
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