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Author Topic: Another word from Jeffrey Hamelman  (Read 4107 times)

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Another word from Jeffrey Hamelman
« on: March 18, 2012, 06:55:32 AM »
As some of you may know, I went to Paris recently to attend Europain and, in part, watch some of the World Cup of Baking.

When the competition was over and the teams from Japan, USA and Taiwan won First, Second and Third place respectively for Best Bakers in the World, 2012, there was a little soirée held at a posh restaurant by the Bread Bakers Guild of America to celebrate the US team's winning second place in the world. Considering they were sixth last time and the incredible level of quality all competitors were able to produce, there was much to be proud of and rejoice.

Among the bread baking elite attending, I was met one Jeffery Hamelman. After introducing myself and pointing out I was part of the Mellow Bakers group (he immediately recalled who we are and our emails back and forth) and that we were doing a second round of his book. He noted how happy he was that we were tackling the book once more and that he was very glad to be part of our learning process. We talked for a bit, among a few things, about the importance of bakers sharing experiences, the camaraderie found in the bread baking world and how we all get to learn and build on each other's skills.

He recently did some blogging of his own as he was away from King Arthur Headquarters to attend Europain, and one of his entries there touches heavily on this theme of sharing, noting that the Japanese team had run into a problem with the steam injection in the kitchen they were using and that the US team was about to use. The Japanese team made sure the US team were aware of the slow steam so they would not be surprised by this faulty equipment. Here, teams competing directly against each other for the coveted title of Best bakers in the World were still treating each other as fellow bakers and looking out for each other.

[smg id=93 width=500]
Jeffrey and yours truly, Paris 2012

So I just wanted to let everyone here know that Jeffrey is definitely aware of our group project, likes what we are doing very much and is basically cheering us all on in this second round.

Now, let's get this project rolling!
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Re: Another word from Jeffrey Hamelman
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2012, 10:58:07 AM »
Aww, that's so lovely - I had such a good time on round one of the book and I hope to creep back in and do the ones I didn't do last time round as well as revisit my old favourites. You've really made me smile today Paul  :D
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