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Author Topic: Loaf Cost Calculator: An Excel Spreadsheet  (Read 4771 times)

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Loaf Cost Calculator: An Excel Spreadsheet
« on: March 12, 2011, 12:41:40 PM »
I've hammered out this little spreadsheet that will let you see what your loaf of bread costs you by plunking in your base costs and any specific recipe's ingredients. It's pretty simple and straight forward. The only caveat at this point: it's in grams. If you're doing your measuring in ounces, it's simple enough to get the gram equivalent (ounces X 28.35 = grams).

If you work in volume (cups or fluid ounces) this won't help any.

I found out my Vermont Sourdough was costing about 70ยข a loaf.

It should be noted also that overhead isn't included, so tap water, electricity or gas for stove or fridge, the baker's time (you aren't free labour!) and any equipment costs aren't included. So this would hardly do to figure out a working baker's costs but it does give a good sense of materials used.

None of the spreadsheet is locked so you can mess around with any bits of it. You can copy the "Recipe" page for any new recipe you input and keep adding ingredients to the Base Costs list. Just rename the Recipe page to that actual recipe. I've input a few sample ingredient costs for examples, remove any you want.

Thoughts, suggestions, questions? Pop 'em in here.

excel spreadsheet, 3.5 mb
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