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Author Topic: Sourdough Starter, Step-by-Step & Side-by-Side  (Read 2533 times)

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Sourdough Starter, Step-by-Step & Side-by-Side
« on: March 30, 2010, 04:35:31 PM »
Sourdough Starter, Step-by-Step & Side-by-Side is a series of blog posts following the building of two different starters, one made from flour and water, the other flour and pineapple juice. This little experiment was done to see how well, if at all, the use of pineapple juice helped avoid some of the pitfall people starting a sourdough culture seem to run into. It also illustrates that there's no need for gigantic quantities of starter which save you both flour and grief.

Follow the exploits of Wally and PJ as they go from mere flour soup and aim to full grown starters in just a couple of weeks. Thrill as they each reach the different stages of a baby starter! Cheer as they cross the finish line and reach their goals... Or do they??  <insert suspenseful music here>

Based on the research work of Debra Wink, a bread hobbyist and microbiologist (now tell me that's not handy!), she designed the Pineapple Juice Method to help smooth the growth of new starters. And in the process, gives lots of info on what's actually going on in that pasty soup.

Filled with 37 great action photos (ok, "action" in a starter may be a little exaggerated) you'll be able to follow along and hopefully get information that will help YOU cultivate your own healthy, robust yeasty pet.

Sourdough Starter, Step-by-Step & Side-by-Side - Check it out and see how easy it really can be to get your own starter going.
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