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Author Topic: Six-fold bread in straight doughs section  (Read 1585 times)

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Six-fold bread in straight doughs section
« on: December 21, 2010, 07:24:37 AM »
Well, it's not really a bread museum because there aren't any photos, but just wanted to say something about Hamelman's six-fold no-knead bread in the 'straight doughs' section. I made this last weekend because a) some bloke ate all my sourdough  :azn:, and b) said fella demanded more (or asked, in pitiful tones, is there any more sourdough?), c) my starter was in refrigerated hibernation.

It was quite cold on the day I made the bread (12 degrees minimum and 19 maximum) BUT it's meant to summer here! So, it all took about an hour longer than the timings given in the book. All up from mixing to baking, I'd say it took eight hours.

I folded faithfully every half hour six times during the initial proof. By shaping, the dough was nice and light but didn't feel as airy as Hamelman's write up of the formula suggested. This persisted through to baking- the final produce had no dramatic holes, but a moderately open texture.

On the other hand, the flavour was good. The afore-mentioned bread-eater was unable to tell whether it was a sourdough or not...and it toasts very well. I'd love to try it again on a warmer day with a higher hydration

Cheers, Jacqueline