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Author Topic: flower cluster with soy yogurt  (Read 1909 times)

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flower cluster with soy yogurt
« on: September 29, 2012, 06:23:14 AM »
Interesting recipe, I saw a post on a "buttermilk cluster" on the fresh loaf and saw this recipe was more or less the same.

2 problems:
- I don't have powdered milk.
- I can't substitute it for real milk, don't have it either!

I did have some soy yogurt in the fridge and decided to do something (maybe) stupid: use 100gr of that and see how much water is needed. I divided everything by 3 but still added 1 egg.

I'm not happy with the result:
- they did not brown that well
- the rolls did not rise much at all, even if it's 100% white flour. Strange?

After a few days, they were quite hard.
I'd like to try it again using milk powder and sticking to the recipe. Strange. I did knead a lot more than I'm used to because I thought "this is buttery and that'll prevent the gluten from properly develop, right?". Windowpane was achieved after bulk fermenting. I guess the yogurt kept the dough from properly rising, or I simply did not proof it well enough.