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Author Topic: Baking a concrete brick: straight five grain bread  (Read 1204 times)

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Baking a concrete brick: straight five grain bread
« on: August 17, 2012, 01:36:25 PM »
I have no idea what went wrong or "what happened", but after making the soaker and adding that to the rest of the ingredients, I ended up with a sticky concrete block instead of a supple dough. It was almost unkneadable... I have to say I was out of rolled oats and used rye instead maybe that made a (big) difference. I also did not have enough high gluten flour at the moment so used 1/3th high gluten (until the bag was empty) and the rest "all purpose" (which is very low on gluten in Europe compared to USA). That means I should have a more liquidy dough compared to baking with King Arthur flour, right?

I halved everything and proofed them overnight in the fridge as I did not have high hopes for this bread. It smelled funny, I think because of the soaked flax seeds. Anyway, proceeded to bake, and turned out to be fine with even some oven spring I did not expect:

The crumb is not open at all, as expected:

It still tasted extremely good, thanks to the soaked seeds!
Too bad Hamelman does not mention how the dough should feel like for this recipe.
Did anyone have the same experience as me?

(Used the "correct", straight, recipe in the book)