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Author Topic: #17 & 18 Baguettes Overview  (Read 1403 times)

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#17 & 18 Baguettes Overview
« on: July 24, 2012, 11:55:43 PM »
Luck of the draw gave us the chance to compare July's French Bread made with simple straight dough with a pre-ferment version. Now we can see what the difference really is between dough made quickly (about 4 hours for the french Bread) and these pre-ferment varieties which will be about 20 hours with a 12-16 hour Poolish or Pâte Fermentée build.

The Poolish formula starts on page 101, the Pâte Fermentée formula on page 103.

A minor correction on this one:
Page 101: Final dough, Poolish amount under Metric: not 6.067, should read 6.607 kg.

There's a little further correction on the Baker's Notes at the bottom of page 102 which deal with history of the poolish. Please see the Errata for the full details.

Please be sure to read the sidebars where, in part, we're urged to give the baguettes a "bold bake" and to give the upper end of alloted times to the process. These breads can be shaped in numerous forms so if you feel your baguette skills aren't quite up to snuff, try boules or pan loaves. Remember, however, you won't improve these skills by avoiding them.

Again, the Home version makes 4 full sized baguettes so lots of slashing practice is available, particularly if you opt to make both styles.

NOTE: You may want to spend some time watching Jeffrey Hamelman and his team shaping baguettes (and other loaves) over on YouTube before you head into this one:

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