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Author Topic: #15 French Bread  (Read 1155 times)

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#15 French Bread
« on: June 25, 2012, 09:23:55 PM »
Representing the "Straight Dough" section, we have French Bread, found on page 233.

These will be made into baguettes. Being a straight dough, there is no pre-ferment for this particular recipe and the dough is at at 70% hydration so it will be a little loose. Handle it gently, the gluten development shouldn't really happen during the mixing but during the two or three folds given while bulk fermenting.

From start to finish, you can probably do these loaves in 5 to 6 hours:
Mix: 10 min
Bulk: 150-180 min
Shape and relax: 20-25 min
Final Proof: 90-120 min
Bake: 25 min

There are no noted corrections to this recipe.
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