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Author Topic: (rolled up) pizza with zucchini tapenade  (Read 1974 times)

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(rolled up) pizza with zucchini tapenade
« on: June 23, 2012, 12:07:02 PM »
See http://nougatbollen.blogspot.be/2012/06/pizza-alla-hamelman.html (google translate @ lower right)

I made some pizza for my girlfriend and a rolled up sliced one for myself just to do something else than usual:

The dough was very tasty and the crumb was good too:

My oven can't handle anything above 250°C but did his best effort.
I thought the pizza looked really good since I usually tend to use the rolling pin but now used my hands for shaping. It went really well overall!

I did modify the recipe slightly by adding some wholewheat fibers (from sifted things with the miche bake) and 2tspn sourdough starter @ the final dough. The sourdough did not have much time to create a tangy taste but I like it that way for the pizza dough, it was very very slightly present. Maybe that's why the crumb is a bit open, I don't know.

In any case a nice recipe but honestly I don't taste a big difference between this and Mr. Reinhart's pizza dough recipes (also biga + slow(er) fermentation)