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Author Topic: Vermont SD "classic" and a custom recipe with walnuts  (Read 1474 times)

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Vermont SD "classic" and a custom recipe with walnuts
« on: June 13, 2012, 11:58:10 AM »
The classic one:

Mind you, I don't have a baking stone and I don't bother with preheating the sheet pan. I baked it with steam at 250°C. Works like a charm, but holes could have been bigger :-)
I am addicted to the flavor. Really.

The modified one, baked today:

What did I modify?

  • Based on extra grain version. Used 200gr wholewheat, 200gr bread flour and the rest a special mixture I had lying around
  • Added (lots of) crushed walnuts

So it's the xtra xtra grain version, with walnuts. I love it, and it still comes with holes, great!
This is without a doubt my favorite recipe from the book! :-)