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Author Topic: Beer Bread Overview  (Read 6071 times)

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Beer Bread Overview
« on: June 02, 2012, 08:37:37 AM »
This bread, aside form the inclusion of beer, has a somewhat unusual added step which requires the roasting and grinding of malted (sprouted) barley which, says Hamelman, can be procured from most brew-it-yourself shops. The Home recipe lists it at 1.6 oz (1/4 cup) or 45 grams, a rather small amount.

If husked malted  barley is not available, regular, unmalted barley (generally easy to find in normal grocery stores) can be used instead.

And of course, you'll need beer, 10.9 oz (1 3/8 cup or 309 grams) of it. No specific description is made so it's up to you what type you use. I have a can a Guinness looking for a purpose...

This recipe is found on page 141, in the Yeasted Pre-Ferment Breads section.

When you are ready to post your bread results, please start a fresh thread in this subsection.
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