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Author Topic: First Bake for the Hamelman II group: Hot Cross Buns Overview!  (Read 1842 times)

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First Bake for the Hamelman II group: Hot Cross Buns Overview!
« on: February 06, 2012, 06:02:10 AM »
The first Mellow Bakers bread is
Hot Cross Buns.

© WildYeastBlog.com Used with permission

As it was for the ORIGINAL group bake, the first (and single) bread for the group and for March is, appropriately, Hot Cross Buns.

Hot Cross Buns are a spicy, fruity and slightly sweet bread. They are considered an Easter bread by many people, although they are not specifically religious in origins nor are they out of place at any time of the year. So with Easter coming up shortly (April 8th) this is a nice choice for our first run of bread baking and will allow us to work out the logistics of the Mellow Bakers process as well.

Of course, we're pretty early posting this single bread already but we just want to give people something to bake up while we try to gather more members to join in on this SECOND ROUND of the Hamelman Bread Group Bake.

You can read through the original group's baking efforts in the Archives for the March 2010 breads in the subsection to this board.

If you make the bread early and have a blog to post about it, this would be a great way to not only show off your hot buns ( :wot?: ) but also an opportunity to call others to pop in here and see  what we're about and possibly join in.

With this much lead time, we have a great opportunity to chat up all our bread pals and try to get them interested well before the next FULL set of the normal THREE breads are revealed in April. More people baking means more examples of other's skills to be inspired by, more folk to help each other out when we run into the inevitable little bumps in the baking process - remember: "Success is a poor teacher" - and just more fun for all of us.

Where to find the recipe:

The recipe can be found in Jeffrey Hamelman's book Bread on page 266 but if you don't happen to have a copy of the book yet, Susan at WildYeastBlog.com has developed a recipe based on the Hamelman version which she has posted on her site here:


You can click the "Print this" link at the bottom of her post (but before the comments) to pump out a copy of the recipe.

Since this is the first recipe we'll be doing as a group, a couple of recommendations:

If you can, try to get a few photos of the process of making the bread. We'll love seeing the finished product, of course but it is often just as great to get a few shots of the actual baking process in there too. And please don't worry about your kitchen being less than perfect while you're creating the bread, most of us don't have a crew cleaning up as we go to keep the photos magazine-perfect. We're more interested in seeing the process, not judging the kitchen.

Start a new thread in this section when you're posting your results. You can either do a full detailed post here or give a brief description and link to your blog if you post there. Other members can then comment on your bake using the reply button.

Adding photos is easy: just click "Additional Options" under the text input box and click "Choose File" to find your photo. Click "(more attachments)" to add up to 4 photos total.

If you have a blog with your pictures posted there already, you can just include the image's URL in the post using the image button.

All Mellow Bakers: Hamelman Bread II members have free access to our spiffy MEDIA area where you can upload your photos if you don't have a webspace (blog, site, etc.) available. Look at the menu bar near the top of each page and you can click "MEDIA" to go to your own, personal picture space.

Much more detailed info on how to post can be found under the HELP topic in the task bar above.

Again, because this is the first run with a recipe for the new group, we may run into question about doing a Mellow Bakers bread so if you need clarifications, please post them in THIS "Overview" thread.

Most of all, though, have fun and we'll see everybody's breads when you post your results! And remember we're MELLOW here so we aren't looking for PERFECT, just perfectly tasty!
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