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Author Topic: MellowBakers.com will be seeing some downtime this weekend for important updates  (Read 1781 times)

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Anyone who pops on here, please note that the site will be seeing some down time (weird layouts, strange page designs, inability to access bits, etc.) as I make a few modifications to allow a second forum section for the Handmade Loaf section.

I need to move the current Hamelman Bread forum, which is in the site's Home directory to it's own, secondary directory (shouldda done that right from the start but who knew...) so it can co-exist with a new forum.

Once that's done, you'll need to go to the main (MellowBakers.com) and choose which forum you want to jump to. Also links to these pages on people's sites will need to be updated to direct to the new subdirectory.

Just to make it simple, I'll pop this forum into a subdirectory named "hbb" for Hamelman Bread Book". To get to THIS forum, you'll want to enter:

A link to a specific page, such as the January 2012 breads, would change from:

OK, hope this is clear enough; most people won't be much affected by the link changes - the graphics badges will stay where they are and visitors will be shown a new entrance page clearly pointing out where to go for what book & forum.

In case you didn't know, it looks like we may be going for a NEW ROUND of Hamelman Breads for people who didn't get here until we were well under way. These members will use this "old" forum and continue on with the current threads. It's scheduled to start up again in April, just like we did with the Hot Cross Buns when we started originally. If you know anyone interested in joining the Second Tour - or can promote this on your blog - it would be great to get the word out.

Ditto our next adventure with The Handmade Loaf: please consider making a post about this new venture to let as many people know it's under way, even if you personally may not be jumping on this bus. I'll create buttons and links once the new forum is set up, so keep an eye out for that.

Questions? Comments? Post 'em here!!
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Hi Paul!  Looks like you're busy :)

If there is round 2 of Hamelman that will give me a chance to make some of the ones I didn't get round to. I was just counting up what I had managed to bake and though I didn't bake them all, I was pretty pleased that I did as many as I did.  Just wanted to congratulate all those of you who baked them all too.

I saw you were asking about contacting Dan Lepard. The easiest way might be via Twitter where he is easy to find. He also has a Facebook presence as well.

all the best for your new venture everyone! I might join in with the odd bread I haven't made from the Hand Made Loaf if that's all right.  :thumb up:   Joanna
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