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Title: Grissini
Post by: KnackeredBaking on June 06, 2012, 06:09:38 PM
I completely forgot to post these pics!  I had a bit of trouble with the Grissini, as you can see from my photos!  The first round was very pale soft and chewy, and not in a good way.  [smg id=101]
Upon further investigation, I realized that the salt amount was wrong in the book I was using!  So, I tried again and voila!  They turned out much nicer looking the second time but I still found them a little bland.  I added Parmesan cheese and some other herbs, but it wasn't quite enough.  I'm still not sure why the salt should effect the colour, but for some strange reason it did.
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Title: Re: Grissini
Post by: jefklak on June 13, 2012, 04:48:34 AM
Are you using extra virgin olive oil?
As you're saying it was bland, maybe you should try a better quality of oil as my grissini tasted a lot like the oil (which I loved) - that shouldn't be bland at all.

Depending on the thickness of your grissini, you should adjust the amount of time it should stay in the oven. I think I also did them a few minutes longer than advised in the book - can't remember exactly. Maybe that also helps in the coloring? Soft + pale = not enough bake time?