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Title: New features added!
Post by: Paul on April 04, 2010, 12:24:01 PM
I've added a couple of cool new features to the forum, hope you guys find them useful!

1) Automatic Video Embedding

You can link to videos from numerous possible sources like YouTube and have them playable in your post by simply typing in the URL to the video's page.

You simply locate the online then copy the address to that page in your post. Automatically, the system will now convert that to an embedded video that will allow inline playback.

So here's a video of Mark Sinclair from The Back Home Bakery doing a stretch & fold then shaping loaves.

The video URL is [noembed][/noembed] so I simply type that in the post and voila:

Rustic White & Kalamata Herb (

When the post gets processed, all the required stuff is automatically added to the url - that's why if you quote this post to see the code, you'll see additional code around the URL.

For the extra curious: How did I add the URL without it turning into a video? I added "noembed" tags around it like so:
[ noembed]http:://someURL.for/TheVideo[ /noembed]
but without the extra spaces.

2) Media Gallery

In the menu bar, members will see a new item, MEDIA which will take you to our new Gallery section. All registered members will have this enabled and you can create your own album of bread photos - or anything baking related, if you wish.

If you don't have a website or blog to upload your photos to, this is a nice alternative. You can then link to these images from other locations too.

Want to play around with it? Go to the Playground section (,19.0.html) and post a couple of video urls to see how it works. And remember that you're not limited to YouTube video, many (although not all) video sites will work too.

A quick word about watermarking photos:

As with putting photos anywhere on the web, there's a possibility someone looking to illustrate their web page may use your picture, so you may want to watermark particularly good photos. There are free and paid programs to download as well as online watermarking sites that will help you do that, just google "free watermarking". Your current photo processing program may also be able to do this for you.

Personally, I only bother to watermark my "Glam" photos, and even then more as easy promotion than trying to stop people using them. I also place the watermark, very faintly, over the main part of the photo and hopefully in a visually pleasant way so removing it isn't possible by simply cropping the edges of a photo. If someone does put them on their site, it will have my blog URL on it. The other photos of mixing dough or shaping loaves, which are more snapshots than photography, I don't worry about.


Here the watermark is easily trimmed away with simple cropping.
And no, this is not a photo I'd actually bother watermarking.

Removing this watermark would be nearly impossible since it cuts across the main subject.
But it also messes up your lovely photo because it cuts across your main subject.

Same placement as above but the transparency has been reduced to 25% which is a standard default amount in watermarking scripts. It still crosses the main subject but doesn’t really interfere with it. Personally, I'd try even more transparent and maybe play with the colour a little to make it even less intrusive; it simply needs to make editing out difficult.

Leaving it barely perceptible means they can still use your photo unedited but you still get the credit and exposure. Unless you're a professional photographer, there's actually nothing "terrible" about people using your photos. It would be nice if they asked first (a few do) but if they're promoting your site or blog to people who are presumably interested in bread, is that a bad thing?

Title: Re: New features added!
Post by: Paul on April 26, 2010, 09:10:42 AM
More new features...

Well, ONE new feature, anyway: SPELLHECK. Or is that SPELLCHECK?

You'll find a new button next to the Post and Preview buttons to open a new window and spellcheck your entry before posting. I know I can use that!!