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Welcome to the image gallery. This section is related to the Hamelman Breads area.

(The Handmade Loaf section uses a different system altogether and keeps it's own images separately.)

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125% Hydration
8 grams flour, 10 grams water gives a somewhat solid paste.
 Views: 154
Posted by Paul
Jul 08, 2010
in Paul's Breads
13 - French Bread
 Views: 146
Posted by Paul
Jul 20, 2010
in Paul's Breads
 Views: 172
Posted by Steve
Nov 30, 1999
in burntloafer (Steve)
40% Rye Caraway dough
 Views: 174
Posted by lello
Aug 27, 2010
in Lello's bread
70 percent rye with a rye soaker and whole wheat flour slices
 Views: 168
Posted by Lien
Jul 16, 2010
in Bread from "Bread"

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 Views: 171
Posted by Steve
Nov 30, 1999
in burntloafer (Steve)
 Views: 166
Posted by Steve
Nov 30, 1999
in burntloafer (Steve)
grape pizza
 Views: 142
 Rating: 3.00
Posted by Steve
Jul 01, 2010
in burntloafer (Steve)
Light ryes in the garden
 Views: 83
Posted by Zeb
Apr 10, 2010
in Zeb's Hamelman breads
Bagel Glam shot
This is the "Glam shot" of the first April 2010 bread, bagels. I typically do one pseudo purdy picture of the bread in question whenever I bake n' blog, an opportunity to take a more focussed image as opposed to the snaps I take of the process.

 Views: 141
Posted by Paul
Apr 04, 2010
in Paul's Breads

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