Ray's crusty potato bread.

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Ray's crusty potato bread.

Postby garlicbuddha » Sun Oct 14, 2012 12:18 pm

Not bad. White sourdough bread is not a favourite of mine but this was okay. I have used left- over mashed potato in my bread before now but not grated raw potato. I could not resist a ten minute knead at the beginning but then followed the hourly folds. I placed the whole dough in a long banneton and left it for about two and a half hours. I didn't flour the banneton well enough and the dough stuck a little giving the final bread a "rustic" look. I have just had a slice and the crust is good and the bread chewy.

I confess I did make additions to the bread. I had been making paneer cheese in the morning and so had several pints of whey to hand so I used it instead of the water. Some books say you should dilute the whey and it can cause a tighter crumb (anyone know the technical reason for this?) but it adds nutrients and more importantly, taste to the final loaf.

Photos. To follow. Anyone else planning to bake this loaf?

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