August Notes - Please read!

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August Notes - Please read!

Postby Paul » Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:17 pm

Hey everyone,

In order to simplify the process of adding new breads each month, from this point forward, the breads and their page in the book will be simply noted in each sub-board's title. I'll forgo trying to add clever discriptors since I'm really just reading through the recipe myself and bring no more info than what Dan has already written in the book itself.

This will make creating each month's list a lot simpler and, as you are all very capable of reading the information as much as I am, you can then get on with doing the bake and writing up your results to share with your fellow Mellow Bakers.

Hopefully, this will mean the new month's bread list will be available sooner than a few days into the month!

Happy baking!

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