Susanne's Alsace Loaf with Rye

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Susanne's Alsace Loaf with Rye

Postby Old_Bake_House » Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:54 am

Ringing in a tad late with the Alsace loaf, but didn't want to miss this one after the good reports I'd seen from others.

I found this a nice, straightforward loaf to bake. Soaked rye berries in white wine, which made for a great flavor along with the touch of honey the recipe adds. Also used the butter.

One change was a bit of an experiment: I baked some of the baguettes at 410 F (as called for in my US version of the cookbook) and others at the temperature I'm more accustomed to using on baguettes, namely 450. Both were good, but I found the crust on the higher temperature loaves to be slightly better and will probably go that way again. Did both version for 35 minutes, btw, though I did turn the 450 oven down to 425 at the 20 or 25 minute mark.

The 450 loaf is at the bottom here.

And the crumb...

I loved the flavor of these, particularly with a good spinach salad and smoked trout, and will definitely be baking this recipe again.

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