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It's 2013: What now?

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 5:16 pm
by Paul
As it looks like there's no more interest in following this baking project (except a few spammers who think we all need new boots), we'll just pull the plug on things at this point.

Thanks to everyone who participated thus far and added their own baking results. I hope you've found the book interesting and at least got to try and enjoyed a few recipes you might not have otherwise. The board will remain open for the time being so people can check in and see what Mellow Bakers have made and their review of Dan's recipes.

If you wish, those of you who have previously registered are welcome to bake whatever new remaining breads from the book you want and post the results in the section"2013 Breads and Onward". Just use the bread's name as the post title, add what page and section it's from and talk about your bake. Others who want to do that bread can post their results under that opening post.

Good luck and thanks for sharing!
Happy baking to all.