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Hi from Mal

Postby Mal » Mon Apr 23, 2012 1:10 pm

...and I was sure I'd done one of these before. Clearly technologically challenged, I have been writing my gardening blog http://malsallotment.blogspot.co.uk/ for threes years - ever since I got a digital camera. Although I still garden religeously, my interest in bread started to take over my gardening blog so I started my bread blog http://ryesmile.blogspot.co.uk/.

My breadmaking experience has been intermittent but dates back to 1979 when I got a copy of Floss Dworkin's "Break Your Own Bread, And Feel Healthier" (which includes sourdough techniques), was rekindled by Joe Ortiz's 1993 "The Village Baker" (a San Fransiscan master baker's tour of European bakeries - France, Italy and Germany at least). I finally got "Bread" by Andrew Whitley and THML for Christmas last year! There's no denying Dan Lepard's ability to "do a Delia" for bread. It's been called bread porn but when I'm lacking inspiration I find myself flicking through Lepard with his glossy pics and clear presentation before trawling through the more austere but technically wonderful Whitley. We need principles, but above all we need enthusiasm! Lepard has too much white flour, too much fat and far too much sweetener. He also dithers over his dough, returning to it intermittently over periods of time. I'm a family man with a 9-5 job so weekends aside I cannot dither over my dough - so I cannot stick to the letter of his recipes. But I will try.

ps gardening and breadmaking are not good hobbies to have together. It's best to make bread BEFORE rather than after weeding!

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