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Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:44 am
by garlicbuddha
Its very quiet here... are people still lurking in the shadows? please say hello even if you haven't been baking much over the summer... :)

Re: Tumbleweed

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:50 am
by icemaiden
Hi - I've been away, not sure if I'm back yet, but I'm still baking. Bagels/beigels today -

Been thinking about selling baked goods from home, but there's competition locally.!/TheTinyBakery

Is it just me or are her prices a bit 'ouchy'?

Re: Tumbleweed

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:22 am
by garlicbuddha
Hi ice maiden, your competition has a nice range of breads! In Sheffield there is a guy who started successfully baking from home I guess you have the "knead to know" book? I have seen comparable prices before. It depends on your market. Starting a bread subscription scheme seems the way to go. I see she is part of the bread angels network.

I have never made bagels before but watched them being made on a recent TV baking programme. Must give them a go!

Re: Tumbleweed

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 11:11 am
by Old_Bake_House
I'm here, lurking, and should be getting back to the baking and posting new items soon. I've been subsisting on frozen cinnamon-raisin bread for the past month while a bit swamped with work. Did get another batch of the Alsace Loaf baked this weekend, and am moving onto a new one for next weekend, either the Barm Bread or the Onion and Bay Loaf...

- Susanne

Re: Tumbleweed

Posted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 3:15 am
by icemaiden
October wasn't the month I started baking the Handmade Loaf again, however as there seem to be buns on the menu this month I will take a look now!

I have also just launched a teenyweeny home bakery, but I don't suppose I'll get any business. Here's my facebook page for starters.

Please 'like' if you can.