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Author Topic: And... we're off! Bakers, start your ovens!  (Read 1654 times)

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And... we're off! Bakers, start your ovens!
« on: March 30, 2010, 03:54:26 PM »
After working on some of the logistics of setting up the group, how things would work and tweaking ideas - some improved, some set aside - we're now ready to fire up our ovens and begin the first full baking month for the Mellow Bakers.

In spite of the fact I may have been the one to set up the space, this has hardly been a one person project and I want to thank the members who, even at the early, mostly concept stage, have been willing to help out in ironing the wrinkles, growing small ideas into solid ones and just helping to make the place feel more like a community than a one-man show.

So to "The First Mellows", a HUGE thanks. You can check out the conversations over on the "What's Next?" area. And join in, because it is pretty much ALL ongoing and we WANT member's input.

Now with that aside, what else to add...

Oh, right.


And by business, I of course mean Mellow Baking Business.

We've picked three random recipes to start us out from the book BREAD by Jeffrey Hamelman.

See the MellowBakers Review and links to buy here

This will be our "bible" for the next long while. We're looking at pulling two or three recipes from the book each month. Members are welcome to do just one, all three, just two or even none if they choose. No pressure here. If none of a particular month's recipes tickle your fancy, jump back to a previous month and see if any in there seem appealing. Even if the group bake happened already, anyone is welcome to do them again and add to that bread's thread. Again, we're operating on "Mellow".

But what we're looking at right now is our first full bake and we're randomly picked three rather nice breads to start with:
  • Rustic Bread from the Yeasted Pre-Ferment section (page 115)
  • Light Rye from the Sourdough Ryes section (page 197) and finally
  • Bagels from Miscellaneous Breads, (page 260)

So hopefully, one (or more) of these will entice you to jump in and "Bake Hamelman" with us. What's expected from you? Well, it would be nice if, once you've baked it, you'd add a post here telling us about your experience, things you found interesting, anything you changed. If you take pics, you can upload those too.

If, on the other hand, you have a foodie or foodish blog, you can post a short recap of your blog post, link to a photo or two and then add the link to your space (instant Web Fame, keeps search engines interested and we'll be sending a bit of traffic your way).

Or just bake the bread, read how others did it and skip little problems they ran into and enjoy the bread. Posting is certainly NOT mandatory. But it would be nice to have you sign up and be a member anyway.

OK, enough chatting, let the baking begin!!
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