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Author Topic: Mr. Reinhart's Polaine-style miche  (Read 1377 times)

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Mr. Reinhart's Polaine-style miche
« on: April 29, 2012, 02:32:11 PM »
Read the story here: http://nougatbollen.blogspot.com/2012/04/reinharts-miche-polaine-style.html (translate on the bottom right)

Because I liked the Miche recipe so much and I did make some mistakes, I decided to give it another go, but instead using Mr. Reinhart's recipe in bread baker's apprentice. I know this should not belong here but I'd like to post it anyway to compare both versions.

Before the oven:

Nicely cut, I thought. Guess again:

I did find a couple of differences:
- very stiff starter! and way more than Hamelman's recipe. This resulted in a bit too sour taste for my liking
- not too wet dough (65% vs 80+), easier to handle and knead. It remained in shape quite nicely. But because of the low water percentage I did not get an oven spring at all (or little), that's too bad.
- Mr. Reinhart uses a 3-stage build for the dough in all sourdough recipes. I did not as I simply started too late!
- No autolyse & stretch/fold but 15min kneading. I prefer the first over the latter!
- No resting & pre-shaping?

The end result is a still quite dense structure. I used 100% wholewheat flour (same as the other miche) but did sift it this time so a lot of the wheat particles are actually removed.

I do love baking with sourdough and watching the wild yeast go nuts:

This was my stiff starter  +/- 400gr (I used baker's percentage and ended up with a loaf of 1.2kg, not too big)

My conclusion?
I'd rather bake the hamelman version again because of the less sour/tangy taste and easier "handling" (autolyse & stretch/fold). I would sift the flour again though.
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