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Author Topic: Spruce up your posts with photos!  (Read 2804 times)

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Spruce up your posts with photos!
« on: February 09, 2011, 02:09:35 PM »
Someone recently contacted me and enquired about adding photos to posts.

Although it is fine to post just a write up and/or a link back to one's blog, it is so much more interesting if you add photos of your results here. And let's face it, especially when describing food, a photo is worth much more than "a thousand words" - it's almost like tasting and smelling!

I would therefore strongly suggest to anyone who has photos of their breads to include these in their posts  since it does make sharing your baking so much more visually delicious. Whether you're posting a quick link to your blog, writing up a detailed review of a recent bread or are running into problems and need some help, adding photos makes the whole process more appealing.

There are several ways to add photos, and all of them are relatively easy. So here's a quick run down of how you can add your bread pictures to your Mellow baker posts and spruce them up.

1) If your photos are just on your home computer:

If you don't have a blog or website and only have photos on your computer, you can add your bread photos to your post by using the "Additional Options..." link you'll find directly below the posting box where you type in your entry. Click that link and you'll see "Attach" and a button to Choose File". Navigate your photos and select the ones you want (max 4 photos per post, file size 150kb each) and upload. They will be added to the end of the post as attachments.

This does require the photos to be of a certain size and your camera may be pumping them out at a much larger resolution (expecting them to be printed which needs much more detail than a web photo). If they are too big to upload, you can use a photo program to make a copy at a smaller size or use the next method. If you don't have any way to resize on your computer, you can use an online service like picnik.com.

2) Upload your photos to the Media folder

Every registered Mellow Bakers member has Media folder created for them. This can be accessed by clicking the Media link in the main navigation bar right below this site's header. Again, this is handy for people who don't have a blog or website where they would post their own bread posts, although there's no reason even bloggers can't add pics there.

To upload your photos, click Media and follow the directions for uploading. Once you have uploaded your photo(s), you will see some details at the bottom of these gallery photos, one of the items being a "BBC embed code" which looks like this:

[ smg id=3]

(minus the extra space after the first bracket). To insert this photo into your post, simply paste the whole thing (including square brackets) into the bread post. You will then get something like this:

[smg id=3]

To make the picture bigger, add a width to the code like this:

[ smg id=3 width=400]

which gives you this:

[smg id=3 width=400]

Suggested maximum width: 600.

3) Insert URL a photo directly from your blog

If you do have a blog, it's easy to add photos you've uploaded there to your post here. Simply go to the finished blog post, right click on a photo, copy the image URL then paste this into your Mellow Bakers post. Select/higlight the URL then click the picture icon ; this will make the link an image:

[ img]http://yumarama.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/BHB-rye0261Crumb-590x393.jpg[/img]
(again I've added a space to make the code show up)

This would then give you the following:

And again, if the picture is not the right size, you can modify it's width as such:

[ img width=400]http://yumarama.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/BHB-rye0261Crumb-590x393.jpg[/img]

Need more detailed help on using any of these methods? Check out the "HELP" section found in the main navigation bar near the top.

And add some tasty visual pizzaz to your posts!
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