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Title: Vermont Sourdoughs Overview
Post by: Paul on June 02, 2012, 08:38:55 AM
Here we are, probably at the most popular/famous breads in the book, the Vermont Sourdoughs. And this is our first multi-bread entry too so we have a few variations available too.

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Now right off the bat, I'll point out that there are corrections to the recipe for the VS with Increased Whole Grain so be sure to look over the Errata sheet ( Having said that, dmsnyder (David) over at TheFreshLoaf has questioned whether the Errata doesn't also have an error. ( Be sure to check that out then make an educated go at it.

THOSE WITHOUT THE BOOK ( may join in by following the recipe on (again) the site for Susan's wonderful Norwich Sourdough ( which is derived from the Vermont sourdough (Norwich is a town in Vermont, see?).

These recipes are found in the Levain Breads section on pages 153, 154 and 156.

When you are ready to post your bread results, please start a fresh thread in this subsection.